Marco Ferrari's Debut Album

is all finished, & Beautiful!

to be released early, 2016

Marco Ferrari has made a beautiful, intimate album. His nylon string Acoustic Guitar, Italian /English lyrics,  gentle voice & ethereal production, will lift you along and transport you to a lovely place somewhere between Hyde Park & Tuscany.

Marco Ferrari has been the man behind the visual projections during Poi Dog Pondering's live perfomances for more that a decade now.

Marco has also made 2 music Videos for PDP ("Simple Song" & "Natural Thing") as well as a full length Documentary on the band & recording called "Audio/Visivo".

Marco is a multi-talented and wonderful man. We are honored to get to work with him.


Marco G. Ferrari (b. 1974) is an Italian-American artist and filmmaker based in Chicago, Illinois. He studied music and film at Ithaca College, then received a Bachelor of Arts degree from DePaul University in Communication. In 2013 Ferrari earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts from the University of Chicago. A consciousness of place runs throughout Ferrari’s personal and collaborative projects. He builds films, installations, digital images, sounds, and video projection performances that explore our relationships with place and time, to probe how identity is shaped by tensions raised by our attachments to or de-attachments from our built and natural environments. Upholding a `cinema of imperfection' that reveals the materiality of the image, Ferrari’s work seeks to move beyond a perceived transparent reality to a place of visual plasticity and sublime emotional experience.  He currently balances his art-making studio practice as an associate curator for Rebuild Foundation’s Black Cinema House, teaching video and photography at Franklin University Switzerland, freelancing as a cinematographer and vj, and managing Ferrari Studios, a collaborative studio space in Chicago and Guardistallo, Italy, shared between himself and his father sculptor Virginio Ferrari.